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Irritated mucous membranes

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What does this mean?

Imbalance Of The Vaginal Flora: beware of yeast infections

Genital yeast infections (mycosis) occurs when Candida albicans, a member of the yeast family and initially harmless, has over-colonized the vagina. A yeast infection is not an STD per se. Yeast infections are very common, affecting more than 75% of women at least once in their lives, but they are not dangerous. The risk of a yeast infection spreading to the uterus and Fallopian tubes is nil, and it leaves no after-effects. When yeast infections are recurrent (at least four episodes a year), they become extremely tiresome and can become a constant preoccupation. Approximately 6 to 10% of women are affected.

What are the possible causes of yeast infections?

A yeast infection is the consequence of an “irritation” of the mucous membranes that sometimes causes an imbalance of the vaginal flora, for example chlorinated water in swimming pools, too-harsh liquid soaps, or hormonal changes (for example during pregnancy). Yeast infections are made worse by factors such as obesity, excess dietary sugar, poorly managed diabetes, and repeated stress.

Irritated genital mucous membranes: what are the symptoms of yeast infection?

The most obvious symptoms are intense itching of the vulva and the entrance to the vagina, a rather thick, white, fairly scanty discharge; followed by a burning sensation in the vagina and sometimes on urinating, that feels similar to cystitis. The diagnosis is made via examination by a doctor. Many women conclude they have a yeast infection when they feel an itch, and so they self-medicate, in 30% of cases incorrectly because it is another microbe or because there is actually no infection!

How are yeast infections treated?

Your family doctor or gynecologist will prescribe the appropriate treatment to deal with yeast infection. For more rapid relief from itching, he or she may recommend using liquid intimate hygiene products with alkaline pH to soften and soothe the mucous membranes.

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